C- Section Scar Release Therapy (SRT)

is a scar reduction technique that is simple and highly effective for reducing the negative influence of scars. Using the latest scientific advances to address both chronic pain and dermal scarring that occurs post-surgery, SRT applies Microcurrent Point stimulation (MPS), a patented solution based on the scientific concept of increasing skin’s inter-cellular metabolism, protein synthesis and healing functioning, to re-awaken the skin’s ability to self generate.

SRT is so effective in releasing scars, that it actually reduces scar size!


C-Sections are one of the most common surgeries performed SA, with 1.3 million performed each year in USA. But did youknow they can cause a great deal of health problems?

It is well known in science that C-Sections impact the body in negative ways. They restrict or bind the fascia, muscles, nerves, bones, organs and systems. They produce a straitjacket like effect throughout the entire body structure!They block the movement of circulation and energy which can interfere with health and wellness. Scars cause sympathetic nervous system up-regulation and acts as stress agonists, creating an environment for sickness and pain.

All this leads to pain & disease. Not surprisingly, it has been published in science that Chronic Post-Surgical Pain (CPSP), Back pain, Shoulder pain and neuropathic pain are all linked to C-Sections.

SURPRISE! In a recently published study, only small percentage off the chronic pain experienced by patients was localized at the scar site (10%), with 80-90 % of chronic pain experienced by the suffering patient distant or far-removed form the from C-Section site. (OGN 2019).


40% C-Sections experience CHRONIC BACK pain

20% C-sections experience SHOULDER-NECK pain


Treatment of Chronic Post Surgical Pain Using Micro-current Point Stimulation Applied to C-Section Scars

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